Should I Apply Skin Care Products in a Certain Order?

Should I Apply Skin Care Products in a Certain Order?

Skin Care Products Routine Order

1. Purification of the Skin: Cleanser

Before applying skin care products, it is necessary to start the morning care routine and end it at the end of the day by virtue of cleaning to purify the bacteria and oils accumulated on the skin during the day. That is to say, the care product applied to dirty skin, no matter how high quality and beneficial, can cause serious problems that can lead to bacteria and infection on the skin.

For this, the skin should be gently cleaned with the fingertips, preferably with a soft and sensitive cleaning product suitable for the skin type, without damaging the skin, and then gently patted with a towel used only for skin care.

2. Antiseptic & Disinfectant: Toner

After the cleansing step, the toner highly supports the skin by purifying the opened pores and allowing them to breathe; it also tightens those opened pores. Especially for oily skin types, tonics provide purified skin by helping to purify harmful oils in the body by reducing oiliness and dirt by minimizing the pores on the skin.

For this, supportively, applying a tonic suitable for the skin type with the help of soft and sensitive cotton after a gentle cleansing for the skincare routine will be sufficient.

3. Preventive Maintenance: Antioxidant Serum

Along with cleansers and toners, serums consist of highly absorbent ingredients as well as highly concentrated skin care products. After the tonic, likewise, the serums, which absorb the skin and prepare it for moisture, are antioxidants, and it helps in the formation of a barrier that protects the skin from dangerous bacteria.

What’s more, applying serums containing, in general, and specifically, vitamin C every morning and night protects the skin and prevents problems such as inflammation caused by environmental factors. Moreover, vitamin C has healing and restorative properties for dry, oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin types.

However, since they are highly concentrated products, it is very important to use a serum suitable for the skin type, otherwise, it may cause serious skin problems.

4. No Wrinkles & Eye Bags: Eye Cream

Along with all these, eye creams are vital for the health of the eyes, and as long as they are applied in the morning and night, they increase the quality of the skin and prevent sagging and wrinkling around the eyes in the future.

Specifically, dermatologists recommend eye creams applied mostly in rollerball applicator form. Plus, when kept in the fridge, this type of eye cream prevents the formation of eye bags thanks to the cold effect.

Thus, the cold eye cream applied gently around the eyes in the care routine helps both the health of the eyes, which are the points where swelling and sensitivity are highest after sleeping, and skin problems.

5. Farewell to Skin Irritations: Spot Treatments

Supportively, thanks to the acne-fighting ingredients in the spot treatments, which are the solution to skin problems such as redness, sagging, scars, acne, blackheads, and spots, it guarantee to heal the skin.

Noting this, you should apply spot treatment in the 5th step to solve similar skin problems due to the accumulated oil and bacteria composed overnight and all day. In addition to these, thanks to its absorption throughout the day, spot treatments remove the spots on the skin, making the cells shine and smooth.

Do not forget that using such skin care products under the supervision of a doctor will be much safer and healthier. Thus, it is possible to understand the problems and types of your skin and provide solutions to them.

6. Silky Touch: Moisturizers

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Moisturizers, which have a very important place for skin care that should be applied during the day and night, eliminate the sensitive problems of drying or shedding after properly cleaning and nourishing the skin.

For this reason, using moisturizers with SPF during the day will protect your skin from sun rays and meet your skin’s need for moisture because cells need a moisturizer against the damage caused by air and environmental conditions and chemicals on the skin during the day.

Moreover, thanks to the moisturizers applied at the beginning of the day, the skin provides a healthy absorption without drying throughout the day.

However, just like with all other care products, it is important to pay attention to skin type and allergens when choosing a moisturizer.

7. Nutrition of the Skin: Face Oils

Just like moisturizers, facial care oils that keep the skin moisturized and smooth are not used very often in terms of not causing oiliness on the skin, but they are also helpful in the absorption of the products applied during the routine. For this, many organic and chemical facial oils are available, and you should choose oils suitable for your skin type.

Likewise, face oils, specifically blended with plant oils, are nourishing care products that try to provide moisture to the skin. In addition, these types of facial oils are products that help nourish, soften, smooth, and shine the skin and moisturize it. You can apply facial oils to your skin with massage movements after your care routine or use them for relaxation outside of care.

8. Last but not Least Touches: Sunscreens for the Day & Night Creams for the Night

It is very important to filter the sun rays that the skin is exposed to throughout the day, regardless of the season, with quality sunscreens to prevent future skin problems. It is very important to apply sunscreen during sensitive periods of your skin, especially in hot weather. To prevent skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays penetrating the skin, it is recommended to apply your sunscreen aftercare but before make-up.

In this context, sunscreens with an SPF of at least 30 should be gently applied to the skin at least 15 to 20 minutes before leaving the house. As such, this coincides with the last step of the entire morning care routine.

Another last step is to apply night creams to your skin at night. After taking care of the skin, which is exposed to environmental factors and bacteria throughout the day, night cream should be applied to prevent negative factors such as stress, problems, pollution, and fatigue in daily life against the skin and to perform well in the regeneration of cells during sleep.

Thus, while you sleep, your hard-working body cells will be renewed thanks to these creams and care, and you will wake up with much more resistant, protected, and healthy skin in the morning.

*Bonus Products: Face Masks

As for the bonus skincare routine, applying a mask to your skin at least twice a week after each treatment will ensure that the care is much healthier and guaranteed. Moreover, thanks to the masks containing nourishing and restorative substances that the skin lacks aftercare your skin will have a much fuller, healthier, smoother, and brighter appearance as well.


Eventually, one of the advantages of the quickly evolving modern lifestyle is that we are less concerned with the types of products we should select for our health and care. Regrettably, this includes the order in which we apply skin care products, despite the availability of many different, practical, and multifunctional skincare items. To put it another way, you should use products for skin care in a specific order.

Under this framework, we have compiled an 8-step list in this specific order: cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, spot treatments, moisturizer, sunscreen, and night creams.

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