When to Use Tamanu Oil in Skincare Routine

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What Is Tamanu Oil?

Have you heard of the tamanu nut tree? This tree, found in Southeast Asia, is what tamanu oil is extracted from. This oil, along with the bark and leaves of the tree, has been prized in the cultures of Africa, Polynesia, Asia, and the Pacific Island. The main benefits of this oil include the generation of antioxidants, hydration, and anti-inflammatory properties.

It has some antibacterial effects, particularly against the germs linked to acne, and increases the formation of collagen to aid in wound healing. And all of these make tamanu oil an amazing skincare product for those who want an oil with anti-aging properties, as well as those with dry skin, moderate acne, and scars. Tamanu oil has a distinctive appearance and aroma. 

It is thick, deep green, and has a distinct aroma that is deep, earthy, and nutty in its purest state. Although this might not be liked by some, after hearing about its benefits, I believe tamanu oil will be an essential product for everyone’s skincare routine. So now, let’s take a closer look at its benefits.

How Does Tamanu Oil Benefits Skin?

Well, as we all know, all skincare oils are already hydrating, but tamanu oil excels in this area and provides several other advantages. First of all, it has a higher fatty acid content than many other oils. This is why tamanu oil is particularly helpful for treating dry skin. It has oleic and linoleic fatty acids specifically, which may provide it with potent moisturizing properties.

Plus, since it is abundant in effective antioxidants, it is essential for shielding skin from aging-causing free radicals brought on by exposure to environmental factors like pollution and sunlight. Not only that, but it also promotes the formation of collagen to aid in the healing of wounds. Yes, it is proven by studies that tamanu oil has characteristics that promote skin regeneration and healing. 

It has been demonstrated to encourage collagen and glycosaminoglycan synthesis as well as cell proliferation. The latter are polysaccharides that are necessary for producing and maintaining healthy collagen and elastin. More polysaccharides and collagen aid in smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and wound healing, which is why tamanu oil is a wonderful alternative for repairing scars.

In addition to these, it’s important to note that tamanu oil is effective against the acne-causing bacteria p. granulosum and p. acnes. And of course, this impact has been demonstrated by numerous scientific studies, including a recent 2018 study. So, tamanu oil is also useful in treating inflammatory acne if combined with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Tamanu oil has calophyllolide, a compound with anti-inflammatory properties resembling those of hydrocortisone in it. This molecule was demonstrated to be crucial to the oil’s capacity to heal wounds in the same 2018 study. Additionally, it suggests that the oil may be beneficial for inflammatory skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, or rosacea. However, it’s worth noting that more research is still required in this area.

How Can You Add Tamanu Oil to Your Skincare Routine?

When to Use Tamanu Oil in Skincare Routine, branch

According to dermatologists, not all tamanu, oil-containing products are made equal. This is why they advise adhering to detailed instructions when it comes to how and how frequently to use any particular product. Especially if you’re worried about an adverse reaction, try a tiny quantity on your forearm first, use it less frequently than recommended, and gradually increase the dosage. 

So, how can you use it in your skincare routine? You can make many things at home by just following some simple steps. For example, you can make a cleaning scrub with it. As you probably already know, skin cleansing is crucial to any beauty regimen. Your pores are unclogged so that your skin can breathe. 

The minerals in tamanu oil will cleanse your skin and speed up the healing process. Apply a tablespoon of sugar and oil to your face or body and gently rub in circular motions. Your skin will feel radiant and gorgeous. However, this is not the most miraculous thing about tamanu oil. Would you believe it if I said you could use this oil to treat stretch marks?

Yes, there is no joking about the healing abilities of tamanu oil. This oil can help the creation of new skin tissue, known as cicatrization. It stimulates skin regeneration and expedites the healing process. Tamanu oil works in all three layers of your skin, unlike most oils that only penetrate the top layer. Apply your tamanu oil directly to your stretch marks after combining it with some jojoba, cocoa, and shea butter. 


Now that you know when to use tamanu oil in your skincare routine, it’s time to shop! However, note that, although this oil promotes wound healing, most dermatologists advise against using it on open wounds. So, before making any purchase, please make sure to do research to find the best, most natural tamanu oil and consult your doctor before using it if you are concerned about any side effects.

As we mentioned above, this oil comes from a nut tree, so if you are allergic to that kind of product, using tamanu oil is not the best option. Though if you are not allergic, considering that tamanu oil does possess a number of benefits for treating breakouts, especially for oily or acne-prone skin, as long as you use it carefully and strategically, it should be fine.

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