When to Use Rosehip Oil in Skincare Routine

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How Does Rosehip Oil Work?

First of all, let’s clear the air by saying that rosehip oil is the same thing as rosehip seed oil. This oil is extracted from the tiny berries that rest below roses (Note that a rosehip is not the same thing as a rose). Due to its moisturizing and anti-aging properties, it is currently a common ingredient in skincare products. Rosehip oil can increase collagen and lessen fine lines and wrinkles.

But how? By penetrating the deep layers of the skin because of its small molecular structure. Due to its large proportion of fatty acids (around 80%), it is also rich in antioxidants and has moisturizing properties. It has also been shown to boost skin elasticity and hydration. But not only that, it can also aid in skin tone balancing and the fading of scars, stretch marks, and blemishes. 

Rejuvenating Natural Instinct Because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics, rosehip oil is particularly fantastic for skin prone to acne. You can use it on your hands and body for moisturized, younger-looking skin, but you can also add it to your everyday moisturizer. But as you might already know, skincare routine steps are very important. So now, let’s see when to use rosehip oil in a skincare routine.

When to Use Rosehip on Your Face

According to dermatologists, rosehip oil should be used after using all water-based products in your skincare routine because it is a dry oil. So, it should be the final step of your routine. This way, it will leave your skin silky, moisturized, and nourished. You can modify this practice in the winter by applying a moisturizer after the rosehip oil.

Rosehip oil can range in color from pale yellow to golden amber, though it won’t stain your skin or clothes. To apply rosehip on your face, you can either add one or two drops to your regular moisturizer or use two to three drops, warm in your palms, and apply to your face. To get the most out of this oil, it is advised to use it both in the morning and at night. 

Note that you should wait at least five minutes before covering it with a moisturizer or sunscreen. Your skin will feel softer, firmer, and more radiant after using rosehip oil. It has remarkable anti-aging properties and aids in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. Okay, but what if you have sensitive skin? Is rosehip oil still good for you?

Rosehip oil is safe to use on sensitive skin too. In fact, even children can use this product to help relieve dry, irritated skin. Although, note that patch testing is essential to determine whether this substance is sensitive, especially before using it on youngsters. For this, you can use the inner forearm or inner thigh. Besides, it also works wonders on scars from trauma, acne, sun damage, or chicken pox. 

Can You Use Rosehip Oil to Treat Stretch Marks?

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Yes, you can. Rosehip oil can also reduce stretch marks left behind from previous pregnancies and other skin imperfections. Rosehip oil is particularly efficient in lessening the appearance of scars, wrinkles, blemishes, and skin pigmentation. Rosehip oil easily enters the skin and contains protective nutrients, including Vitamins C and E, vital fatty acids, and other antioxidants that can lessen discoloration and encourage collagen synthesis. 

The oil has high concentrations of the important fatty acids linoleic, which we know as Omega 6, and linolenic, which we know as Omega 3, which are thought to support skin texture and encourage the production of new skin cells. Many women use it during pregnancy because of its healing properties, which are said to aid in preventing stretch marks.

However, note that even though this oil has strong healing properties, the length of time will depend on a number of variables, including the size and age of the scar, how frequently you use rosehip oil, your age, and the quality of the product. Make sure only to purchase it from reliable vendors. Many users claim to notice a difference in as little as a few weeks, and after using rosehip oil on a regular basis, even old scars significantly disappear.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Even though rosehip oil is typically safe for all skin types and has a long list of skincare advantages, it’s always recommended to move forward with caution when introducing any new product into your skincare routine, especially because it’s an essential oil, which some people find irritating. So, don’t forget to do a patch test before adding rosehip oil to your moisturizer.

And, note that even though the oil is supposed to help cure pimples, people with acne-prone skin types can discover that it worsens breakouts after performing a patch test. Rosehip oil includes vitamin A, so it’s best to avoid using it with treatments containing retinol. With that being said, remember that you should always consult your doctor before starting this kind of treatment at home, especially if you have concerns about allergies.


In conclusion, purchasing rosehip oil and adding it to our skincare routine is one of the best things we can do for our skin. Not only it makes our skin glowy, but it also prevents aging and regenerates the skin. So now, all you need to do for better skin is to find an all-natural, reliable rosehip oil. Of course, as I mentioned before, don’t forget to consult your dermatologist first!

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