Wis Moisturizing 4-Piece Skin Care Set Review

thumbnail Wis Moisturizing 4-Piece Skin Care Set


+Wis+ is an effective skincare company with products for every single skin type. They have everything you could be looking for. The Wis moisturizing 4-piece Skin Care set consists of moisturizing cream, moisturizing toner, moisturizing lotion, and moisturizing cleanser. Especially as you get older, it becomes more important to care for your skin properly. With these four products, you can create a hydrating and efficient skincare routine for yourself and make sure your skin is nurtured and hydrated at all times.

Many different skin care companies put out various skin care products. But what makes +Wis+ worth the money? Why should you prefer +Wis+ over another company’s products? +Wis+ is a technology-based brand. They research various active ingredients and see what works best. That is how they find the best high-quality raw materials and use them in their products. This makes the products the company produces both scientific and effective.

Brand +Wis+
Item form Lotion, cream
Product benefits Moisturizing
Scent Unscented
Weight 1.1 Kilograms
Pros Cons
The set contains multiple products which make up a full and efficient skincare routine. The products in the set are unscented; for anyone looking for a subtle smell, this is not the set for you.
The ingredients are scientifically tested, so it is safe to use on your skin. This set is most favored by those with sensitive skin, this may not be for you if you have oily skin.
The products consist of many natural ingredients, which means no harmful ingredients! Some ingredients in the set can irritate if you have extra sensitive skin, read the ingredients thoroughly before using the products.
The products are anti-wrinkle and anti-aging. This product will not make already existing wrinkles go away, it will simply prevent new ones from appearing quicker.

Who Is It For?

The Wis moisturizing 4-piece Skin Care set has anti-aging and anti-wrinkling features. So this product is recommended for anyone over the age of 25. You may think; 25? Isn’t that young? Though technically, yes, that is young, it is recommended that people in their mid-twenties start using anti-aging and anti-wrinkling products to prevent quick wrinkling in the future.

As mentioned before, these products do not make already existing wrinkles disappear. Now those who already have wrinkles may say; what about me? These products make sure that new wrinkles don’t form as quickly as they usually would. So this product is recommended to young and old!

Furthermore, this product is both scientifically tested and has natural ingredients. It is especially recommended for those with dry and sensitive skin. These intensive care products promise to hydrate and nurture your skin well so you won’t be left feeling dry and itchy.

People with oily skin may not prefer to use this Wis moisturizing 4-piece Skin Care set as these intensive care products may clog your pores and let extra oil build up on the surface of your skin. People with normal skin could try the product out, this may be a great set for you as well. But this set is especially recommended to those with dry and sensitive skin. You will be left with soft and hydrated skin all day long!

General Review of the Set

Value for Money – 4

These products are worth the money you’ll spend on them.

Easy to Use – 5

This set is easy to use, for which the instructions and more information will be provided in this review.

Safety – 5

Safe to use on your skin as the required scientific testing has been done before the products are put on sale.

Natural – 4

The products are comprised of natural ingredients, which make this a favorable set!

Wis Moisturizing 4-Piece Skin Care Set

Review of Each Piece in the Set

Moisturizing Cleanser

This is the first product in the Wis moisturizing 4-piece Skin Care set you’ll need to use. Using and applying these products in the correct order is very important because it will not be efficient if done wrong. The first thing you need to do is wet your face with neither too hot nor too cold water. Then you should apply the moisturizing cleanser gently onto your face in circular motions.

You should keep making circular motions for around a minute or two, so the product can do its job. These motions will make the product bubble up, and the product will be more effective this way. After you’re done, you can wash the product off your face and softly pat your face dry with a  towel.

Cleansing your face is a very important step as a cleanser is a product that washes away all the dirt that builds up in your pores and the surface of your skin throughout the day. If that dirt were to stay on your face, your pores would eventually fill up with dirt, and this causes breakouts.

So cleansing your face thoroughly will keep your skin clean and shiny! Also, this is the product that prepares your skin for the other products. Without this step, your skincare routine would lack a very important step.

Moisturizing Toner

The second step in any effective skincare routine is to apply a toner. Toners are products that provide a secondary cleanse for your skin. This is a required step as the cleanser will cleanse your skin of the majority of the dirt, but not all of it. So this is where the toner comes in. It will get rid of every lasting bit of dirt, for example, make-up. Toners also remove access oil, which is also very important.

Even if you have dry and sensitive skin, this is a step that you must follow. Your skin must be cleansed of all dirt and oil at least once a day, and then it will build up the same levels of dirt and oil again throughout the day.

So when it comes to applying the product, you can apply toner in one of two ways. Either put some on your hands and then apply it to your face, or you could put some on a cotton pad and then apply it to your face. Either way, toner needs to be applied. This is a liquid product, so you’ll want to wait for it to be absorbed before you move on to the next step.

Moisturizing Lotion

Wis Moisturizing 4-Piece Skin Care Set

After the toner has absorbed into your skin, you can apply lotion. The lotion will hydrate your skin so that you won’t feel like you have dry skin at all. Aside from regular lotions that hydrate the skin, this one has many other features that make this a great product. It has anti-wrinkle and anti-aging avocado extracts. This means the product within the Wis moisturizing 4-piece Skin Care set contains a lot of vitamins.

This is, of course, beneficial to your skin as your skin will absorb all of these vitamins when applied. Furthermore, another ingredient is plant squalane, which has good antioxidants which help with brightening your skin and promoting the production of collagen, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and will also help your skin achieve a natural glow. Your skin will look as youthful and healthy as ever.

Moisturizing Cream

This is the last step in the Wis moisturizing 4-piece Skin Care set. You’ll want to apply the cream after you’ve applied the lotion. This will lock in all of the moisture and keep your skin perfectly hydrated throughout the day. Most breakouts can happen due to a lack of moisture. Dry skin can easily break out. So applying cream on top of a lotion is a helpful way to make your skin hydrated and nurtured all day long. This way, you won’t suffer from dry skin or struggle with pimples either.

As mentioned before, these products are safe to use. They have been scientifically tested and are comprised of 100% natural ingredients. The ingredients in the cream help to hydrate the skin and lock in the water, which helps with improving the elasticity in the skin and will also help with the fine lines that you may or may not have. So not only is it a safe product, it has many ingredients that will be beneficial to your skin.


In conclusion, the Wis moisturizing 4-piece Skin Care set has many features that make this a favorable skin care kit. It’s scientifically tested, it’s consistent with all-natural ingredients, and it has anti-aging and anti-wrinkling properties. All in all, this is a wonderful set that will treat your skin with great care. I do recommend this skincare kit, I think the set is inclusive of very efficient yet gentle products.

All products in this skin care kit are suitable for all different skin types, for both men and women. I do recommend checking the ingredients list of the products if you have any allergies. And it is also important to note that everyone’s skin may have a different reaction to the same products. So what works wonders on someone else may not do the same for you. However, I think it is worth it to test the set and see for yourself.

Top Amazon Customer Comments

Amazon Customer – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: The box was beautiful but the small container of moisturizer appears not to be full. The inside of the top even looks discolored. Can we exchange this only? Thank you!

Claire – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: really nice👍

jen – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I have sensitive skin and my skin started breaking out so I took a chance and ordered it. I’ve been using this system for about a week and my skin has nearly completely cleared! Plus my face feels so soft!

craftsnurse – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Great

Kadijah Killingsworth – ⭐⭐⭐

Review: My package was wet broken and damaged MY TONERS was bust when it arrived

Kadijah Killingsworth – ⭐⭐⭐

Review: I have had this for a few days and have been using it daily. This is my first step by step product that I have tried and it’s great! This product leaves my skin soft and smooth all day and night and it’s just wonderful!. Definitely something I would buy again in the future.

victoria fairbanks – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: Love the 4-Step product! I’ve been using every night for the past week, and have found my skin to be soft, supple without the greasy feel that I’ve found with most products. I’ve never heard about this line before, but I definately recommend if you are ready for something new. Nice, quality packaging, delivery time was great and seems to be the best value for my money. I typically use Clinique 3 step process, but have found that I needed a budget friendly replacement over the past few months.

Diana – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: I love this product it smells amazing!!! And it’s very very moisturizing! Definitely give it a try for the price what do you have to loose. I have sensitive acne prone skin.

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