Are Men Afraid of Beautiful Women?

thumbnail Are Men Afraid of Beautiful Women

The female body is very aesthetic and exciting. To gain this attractiveness and beauty, women may have tried many ways. Thus, the beauty they gained created the desire to be liked by the opposite sex. Can we say that the self-confidence of beautiful women highly influences men? 

Thus, although men are attracted to beautiful women, they may have had to withdraw sometimes. Many people might think of it as a lack of self-confidence. But in fact, there may be many reasons behind it. To see reasons like these, we’re going to explore whether men are afraid of beautiful women with you today.

Why Are People Scared of Beautiful Women?

Although many men find beautiful women attractive, they can also be afraid. Especially the fear of this beautiful woman has increased after the use of social media that the digital world has brought into our lives. Because when photogenicity and different photo filters were added on top of beautiful bodies and facial features, women became more attractive. This situation has caused the opposite sex and their fellows to be more afraid.

So what do you think are the reasons for this fear? While this may seem like a lack of self-confidence to some, there can be many reasons for this. First, of course, self-confidence is a very influential factor in the fear of this beautiful woman. However, in some people, the fear of beautiful women can be an inherited psychological disorder. In addition, many reasons, such as family pressure, social pressure, fear of rejection, and lack of self-love, can cause you to fear beautiful women.

Apart from this, one of the other reasons for fear of beautiful women may be that the man sees the beautiful woman as a rival. Thus, he may think he must enter a competition to impress her because they think that attractive women are always incredibly self-confident from the outside. 

Therefore, their confidence may not be enough. Apart from these, the fear of rejection also causes them to stay away from beautiful women. Because a man may think that the woman’s beauty and attractiveness are not enough for him, that’s why he prefers to stay away without even trying to face it.

Are Men Afraid of Beautiful Women

What Is The Fear of a Beautiful Woman Called?

Perhaps many of you may not know that there is such a thing as being afraid of beautiful women. But fear of beautiful women is quite common worldwide, especially in Asian countries. So you may think this situation will only disappear when the person loves himself and gains enough self-confidence. But sometimes, this is not so easy because the fear of this beautiful woman can be an inherited fear that the person cannot overcome.

Scientists, as a result of their research on this subject, are called “caligynephobia,” which consists of Greek words in the scientific world. It is formed by the phrase of use calls, meaning good and pleasant in Greek, gyne, meaning woman in Greek, and phobia, which is used for the feeling of fear in the dimension of disgust. 

At the same time, this disease is also known as “venustraphobia,” named after the goddess Venus, who represents the woman in Greek mythology. For individuals with venustraphobia, even the thought of talking to a beautiful woman is enough for them to be afraid and have a panic attack. If you’re so reactive to the idea, you may also have an inherited fear of beautiful women.

Venustraphobia does not have a specific cause that applies to everyone. It may have occurred in the person due to many various factors. However, we can list the symptoms as follows; Causes such as intense excitement and anxiety when around a beautiful woman, constantly making negative criticisms of oneself, worrying about thinking about a beautiful woman, and wanting to be alone all the time are the symptoms of venustraphobia.

It is also possible that you can recover from venustraphobia. One can use many physical and psychological treatment options alone to overcome this fear.

What Does It Mean When a Man Is Scared of a Woman?

A man may think that his fear of women is due to a lack of self-confidence and a lack of self-love in the first place. In addition, the pressure exerted by the parents in the upbringing can also affect this situation because a person who has been brought up in this way can put the person in a very bad position when the other side rejects them. Therefore, in order not to experience this situation, he prefers to stay away from beautiful women who are scary for the person.

In addition, due to the pressure of society, men may be hesitant to show their feelings. Because until this time, society and cultures have imposed that men are fearless and strong. Thus, men are reluctant to bring their fears to the fore. This situation may become more complicated for men as beautiful women express their concerns and prefer to hide them instead of seeking solutions.

There are many beautiful women we witness in world cinema and men who are afraid of them. Even the French word “femme fatale” means fatal woman. This name also appears as a character in world cinema. A Femme fatale is a very attractive and beautiful woman. But it is also a nightmare for men.


Today, we found an answer to your idea that men are afraid of beautiful women and we examined why. If there are venustraphobia individuals among those reading this article, we recommend they go beyond their fears and try to repair this situation. Because you may have missed the love of your life by not approaching him because of your self-confidence and anxiety about beautiful women. If there are female readers who say why I am alone, I do not have a suitor; maybe it is because you are so beautiful that you scare men from approaching you.

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